Retirement Security For All

What People Are Saying

Headline: The SCP Would Be Good for My Business and My Employees Message: Her branding, webiste and marketing business has taken off in the last three years, so Melanie Spring, owner of Sisarina, Inc., wants to provide her four employees with retirement benefits. She doesn't like the options currently available to her -- but she says the Secure Choice Pension proposal would serve her business and her employees well.
Dan Lyons is a public relations professional who owns a small PR firm in Washington, DC. He provides retirement benefits for his employees - he says it's good for them and for his business as well. But he is concerned about the expense and administrative effort retirement plans involve - so he sees NCPERS' Secure Choice Pension proposal as an attractive option for small business owners to explore.
In 17 years as a firefighter, Kyle Anderson has pretty much seen it all. He doesn’t mind the physical and mental challenges of the job, but he’s counting on his defined pension benefits when his service is over. The way Kyle sees it, pensions are not only good for workers’ financial security, but for the financial integrity of the community at large.
Jessica Bowser is an elementary school teacher who, like many people with advanced degrees, had to take out student loans to pay for her education. And as a teacher, she not only needs to have more education than most American workers, she has to take classes continually to maintain her teaching certificate. Jessica says the rewards of teaching – and her defined-benefit pension – make the sacrifices worth it.
Washington DC's Gelberg Signs is a small business that has managed to thrive even in these tough economic times. It's been honored by the DC Chamber of Commerce, and President Obama chose Gelberg's plant for a formal appearance to promote his small jobs bill in July 2010. Neil Brami, who with his brothers Guy and Luc own the 50-plus-employee company, says employers have a moral obligation to provide retirement benefits -- and that NCPERS' Secure Choice Pension proposal could be beneficial to operations like his.
Joseph Wilhelm traded a high-paying but unpredictable career in the construction industry for a career in public service. For nearly two decades he has been plying his trade for the benefit of the citizens of Fairfax County, VA -- maintaining, improving and renovating some 200 public facilities, from firehouses to libraries to homeless shelters. He was willing to give up big dollars for long-term security, especially retirement security. Wilhelm says the pension is what attracts and keeps quality workers on the job.
Clarke Slaymaker could retire any time he wants to -- but he doesn't want to. He loves his job as a firefighter and doesn't want to stop. What worries him is whether or not the pension he was promised will be there for him when he has to stop.
Brendan Downing is planning to go the distance as a paid firefighter. He says he’s counting on his pension to provide him with a stable financial life when the time comes that he can no longer serve.
Adam Heming is a veteran of two fire and rescue services – one in Maryland, the other in Virginia. In his early 30s, he has already sustained a broken leg and disabilities in his knees, and he lives with the stress of making life-and-death decisions on a daily basis as a paramedic. Heming says his defined benefit pension is important compensation for the sacrifices he makes.
After 26 years as a music teacher, Michael Hairston still enjoys the thrill of helping a child who's never held an instrument in his or her hand learn how to play it -- and then be able to sit down with other musicians and play as a group. Hairston says pensions are critical for ensuring a steady stream of qualified teachers and a future of high quality education.